It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the fifth IEEE MTT-S International Conference on Microwaves for Intelligent Mobility (ICMIM). Held in Detroit, Michigan, on April 15-16, 2019, ICMIM covers all key enabling technologies for intelligent mobility, including components, circuits, and systems, and offers a gathering place for those in industry and academia who work on intelligent mobility facilitated by RF/microwave/mm-wave related technologies.

Intelligent mobility is rapidly becoming a major area of research and development, spurred in large part by advances in the automotive industry. Autonomous vehicles will be the wave of the future, and represent one of the most exciting areas of research, with semi-autonomous and fully autonomous implementations already taking place in many locations. Beyond vehicle autonomy, microwave systems play a major role in enabling intelligent mobility, ranging from airborne applications such as in-flight connectivity enabled by phased array technologies, in-vehicle health and activity monitoring, and RFID tags for localization and tracking, among many other applications.

After successful conferences in Nagoya, Japan in 2017 and Heidelberg, Germany in 2018, ICMIM returns to the United States in 2019. The conference will be held at the historic Dearborn Inn, which was built on the grounds of Ford Motor Company in 1931. Downtown Detroit is undergoing a resurgence, and only fifteen minutes from the hotel, it is a vibrant location to visit, with numerous restaurants, parks, museums, and sporting venues.

We look forward to seeing you in Detroit!

ICMIM2019 General Co-Chairs
Jeffrey Nanzer, Michigan State University, US
Hayder Radha, Michigan State University, US