For publication of your paper, a prerecorded video of the paper presentation must be uploaded.

  • The presentation can be recorded by any of the co-authors.
  • The presentation should be 15-20 mintues and show the slides along with the presenters voice.
  • A short introduction of the presenter (best showing him/her with the webcam) and the authors in the beginning is adviced.
  • No background music or other background sounds must be included.
  • The presentation will be published. Thus, take care of the copyrights.

Video file format

  • The video file must be a mp4 file
  • It should contain a single h264 encoded HD video stream and a single audio stream of the presenters voice.
  • Video resultion must be HD or full HD
  • Frame rate must be between 24 and 30 Hz
  • The quality must be good, but file size is limited to 250 MB (approx. 2 MBit/s)

The video files should be uploaded to EDAS follwing the steps:

  1. Go to EDAS (
  2. Go to “My…” → “My Papers” → “All Papers”
  3. Click on your paper title
  4. Upload your MP4 video file to your paper record via the “Video Presentation” option

Technical hints for recording:

  • Recording the slides along with the presenters can be done with most video confernce tools, e.g. Cisco WebEx, Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc., or a dedicated screen recording app like Open Broadcaster Software (free) or Camtasia.
  • Video quality should be good while mainting a decent file size.